Cloud Authority℠


Cloud Authority℠

11 Days, 9 Professional Certifications

This course is aimed for professionals with authoritative potentials, know-how and opportunity to become subject matter authorities in their specific cloud infrastructure arena.

11 Days Classroom Session
9 Professional Certifications Available
Private Organization Training Available

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Course Description

This course is aimed for professionals who posses authoritative potentials. CLA℠ is the pinnacle of achievement and recognition for professionals with the necessary knowhow who would like to seek the opportunity to become subject matter authorities in the field of Cloud. Individuals will be taken through multi-levels of foundation, concept, principle, theory, physics, strategy, management, engineering, design, technology and selection in order to complete this course work required for becoming a CLA℠. In addition to course work, all successful CLA℠ candidates must fulfil the required criteria which include but are not limited to undergoing minimum G1 Cloud project alongside IDCA approved consultants, as well as submitting an effective thesis to the attention of the accreditation committee of IDCA. The thesis shall be driven from applicants’ professional experiences and expertise in subject matters such cloud architecture, cloud security, cloud sustainability, cloud capacity planning, cloud technologies, etc. CLAs will be considered the leaders of the Cloud industry and serve as key players and contributors to the industry’s direction. The CLA® is a leap into Cloud strategy, approached in the unique manner of capturing the operations aspects of Cloud, compliance parameters and knowledge of the design and technology fundamentals, thus applying such insight into future technologies, amalgamating this knowledge to prepare the execution, management, expansion, or upgrade for reliable, resilient, secure, innovative and efficient Clouds.

Who should take this course?

  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Strategic Planners
  • Professionals

what you study

Individuals will be taken through multi-levels of foundation, concept, principle, theory, physics, strategy, management, engineering, design, technology and selection in order to complete this course work required for becoming a CLA℠.

Learning Outcomes

This course teaches how to streamline processes, increase efficiency and productivity whilst maintaining high availability. The core concepts are based on demonstrated principles, which are optimized from lessons learned from cloud front-runners.


  • None.

Course Features

  • Course Code CLA
  • Sessions 11
  • Duraion 11 Days
  • Track Cloud Management
  • Language English
  • Public Yes
  • Virtual Availability Yes
  • Private Availability Yes
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessment Yes

    Day 1

    Cloud Overview

    • Cloud History
    • Cloud Definitions
    • The Cloud Beast
    • Cloud Downtime & Outages
    • Present Cloud Standards
    • Future of Cloud Standards

    The Infinity Paradigm®

    • Application Ecosystem (AE)℠
    • Core & Pyramid Models
    • The Organization
    • The 7 Abstraction Layers
      • Application Layer
      • Platform Layer
      • Compute Layer
      • ITI Layer
      • SFI Layer
      • Site Layer
      • Topology Layer
    • Application Delivery Model (ADM)
    • Application Delivery Infrastructure (ADI)
    • Data Center Node (DCN)
    • Logical Infrastructure
    • Physical Infrastructure

    Grading Systems

    • Data Center Tiers & Classes
    • Data Center Grade Levels
    • Efficacy Score Rating

    Cloud Grading Systems

    • Data Center Tiers & Classes
    • Cloud Grade Levels
    • AER®, OER®, EER®, RER®, IER®, CER®, SER®
    • Efficacy Score Rating (ESR)®

    Cloud Classifications

    • Cloud Grades
    • Cloud Types
    • Cloud Disciplines

    Cloud Stakeholders

    • Cloud providers
    • Cloud end-users
    • Cloud specialists
    • Cloud operators
    • Cloud investors

    Cloud Syndrome

    • Cloud Strengths
    • Cloud Weaknesses
    • Cloud Hot-points

    Cloud Development Cycle

    • Cloud Efficacies
    • Cloud Development Process
    • Cloud Sustainability

    Cloud Transition

    • Digital Transition
    • Cloud Migration
    • Cloud Consolidation
    • Cloud Diversification
    • Cloud Maturity

    Cloud Delivery Models

    • Public Cloud
    • Private Cloud
    • Hybrid Cloud

    Day 2

    Cloud Availability

    • Cloud Redundancy
    • Cloud High-Availability
    • Cloud Availability Limitations
    • Cloud Availability Possibilities

    Cloud Security

    • Cloud Physical Security
    • Cloud Cyber Security
    • Cloud Application Security
    • Cloud Privacy
    • Cloud Ecosystem Security

    Cloud Capacity

    • Cloud Throughput Capacity
    • Cloud Scaling and Expansion Capacity
    • Cloud Change Capacity
    • Cloud Operational Capacity

    Cloud Efficiency

    • Cloud Design Efficiency
    • Cloud Energy Efficiency
    • Cloud Resource Efficiency
    • Cloud Policy Efficiency
    • Cloud Management Efficiency

    Cloud Resilience

    • Cloud Resilience Principles
    • Cloud Failover
    • Cloud Load Balancing
    • Cloud RTO
    • Cloud Recovery

    Cloud Operations

    • Cloud Operational Conduciveness
    • Cloud Operational Resources
    • Cloud OpEx
    • Cloud Operational Tools
    • Cloud Maintenance & Management

    Cloud Innovations

    • Cloud Trends
    • Innovative Methods
    • Innovative Technologies


    Day 1

    Introduction to Cloud Operations

    • Operations Overview
    • Cloud Operational Components
    • Cloud Key Players
    • Cloud Operational Tools and Techniques
    • Cloud Standards
    • How and Where to Get Help

    Cloud Operations Process

    • The Cloud OPS
    • Phased Cloud Process
    • Adaptive Need Management
    • Understanding The Application
    • Delivering Application Output

    Cloud Compliance

    • Cloud Classes and Grades
    • Cloud Assessment
    • Cloud Audit
    • Cloud Certification
    • Cloud Certification Types
    • Cloud Standards, Frameworks and BPs
    • The Infinity Paradigm® (Review)

    Cloud Grading Systems

    • Cloud Grade Levels
    • AER®, OER®, EER®, RER®, IER®, CER®, SER®
    • Efficacy Score Rating (ESR)®

    Quality Systems

    • Quality Assurance
    • Quality Control
    • Quality Improvement

    Business Continuity

    • Cloud Risk Factors
    • Business Continuity Management
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • RPO
    • RTO
    • Disaster Recovery Planning for Cloud

    Day 2

    Cloud Organizational Structure

    • Cloud Stakeholders
    • Open Process Framework
    • Cloud Operations Management Team
      • Cloud Business Manager
      • Cloud Topology Manager
      • Cloud Operations Manager
      • Cloud Security Manager
      • Cloud Design & Architecture Team
      • Cloud Engineering Team
      • Cloud Implementation Team
      • Cloud Response Team
      • Cloud Maintenance Team
      • Cloud R&D Team

    Cloud Operations for Availability

    • Cloud Availability Sustainability
    • Managing Cloud Availability
    • Operational Resource Availability
    • Cloud Vendor Availability
    • SLA/OLA Management
    • RPO Planning and Management

    Cloud Security

    • Cloud Security Management
    • Cloud Security Vulnerability Assessment
    • Cloud Security Compliance
    • Cloud Security Documentation
    • Cloud Ecosystem Security Day-to-Day Operation

    Cloud Capacity

    • Cloud Capacity Planning
    • Optimum Cloud Capacity Utilization
    • Cloud Operational Scalability
    • Cloud Capacity Management

    Cloud Efficiency

    • Cloud Efficiency Management
    • Cloud Efficiency Improvement
    • Cloud Efficiency Assessment
    • Cloud Energy Efficiency Policies
    • Efficient Resource Management
    • OpEx Optimization and Cost Reduction
    • Enhanced Operational Productivity

    Day 3

    Cloud Resilience

    • Cloud Resilience Assessment
    • Cloud Failover Management
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Delivering RTO
    • Incident Detection
    • Disaster Response Management
    • Disaster Recovery Management

    Cloud Operations

    • Cloud Operational Conduciveness
    • Minimizing Cloud Operational Resources
    • Cloud OpEx Reduction Dos and Don’ts
    • Measuring Cloud Operational Effectiveness
    • Cloud Ecosystem Human Resource Management
    • Streamline Cloud Maintenance & Management
    • Vendor Management
    • Documentation Management and Control
    • Processes and Procedures Management

    Cloud Innovations

      Operating Innovative Cloud
    • Foster Innovation within Cloud Ecosystem
    • Innovating Cloud Policies
    • Technology Innovation and Knowledge Sharing
    • Process and Method Innovation
    • Innovation for Corporate Gain
    • Innovation for Industry Evolution


    Day 1

    Introduction to Cloud Technologies

    • Cloud Technologies Overview
    • Cloud Vendors and Market Players
    • Cloud Technology Market Segments
    • Cloud Technology Categories and Drivers
    • Cloud Technology Standards
    • Cloud Technology Trends

    Cloud Technology AE Layers

    • Cloud Technology for Application Layer
    • Cloud Technology for Platform Layer
    • Cloud Technology for Compute Layer
    • Cloud Technology for ITI Layer
    • Cloud Technology for SFI Layer
    • Cloud Technology for Site Layer
    • Cloud Technology for Topology Layer

    Cloud Technology Operations

    • Cloud Technology Operational Metrics
    • Cloud Technology Operational Effectiveness
    • Cloud Technology Operational Conduciveness
    • Cloud Technology Needed Resources
    • Cloud Technology CapEx
    • Cloud Technology OpEx
    • Cloud Technology ROI and TCO
    • Cloud Technology Monitoring, Maintenance and Reporting Features
    • Cloud Technology Operational Efficacies Comparison Matrix

    Cloud Compliance

    • Cloud Technologies Grade Levels
    • Cloud Technologies Certifications
    • Cloud Assessment Possibilities
    • Cloud Technologies Industrial Compatibility & Feasibility
    • Cloud Technology Compliance Efficacies Comparison Matrix

    Day 2

    Cloud Technology Availability

    • Cloud Technology Availability Metrics
    • Cloud Technology Vendor Availability
    • Cloud Technology Resource Availability
    • Cloud Technology Skill Availability
    • Cloud Technology Features & Performance Availability
    • Technology Technology MTBFs
    • Cloud Technology Availability Over Time
    • Managing Cloud Availability
    • Cloud Technology Availability Efficacies Comparison Matrix

    Cloud Technology Security

    • Cloud Technology Logical Security
    • Cloud Technology Physical Security
    • Cloud Technology Safety
    • Cloud Technology Security Features
    • Cloud Technology Security Limitations
    • Cloud Technology Security Administration
    • Cloud Technology Security Efficacies Comparison Matrix

    Cloud Technology Efficiency

    • Cloud Technology Efficiency Metrics
    • Cloud Technology Seamless Operation
    • Cloud Technology Complexity vs Simplicity
    • Cloud Technology Resource Utilization
    • Cloud Technology Energy Efficiency Facts
    • Cloud Technology Efficiency Efficacies Comparison Matrix

    Day 3

    Data Center Structured Cabling Technologies

  • Technology Descriptions, Comparisons and Options for:
  • Cloud Resilience

    • Cloud Technology Resilience Metrics
    • Cloud Technology Failover Features
    • Business Continuity Technology Possibilities
    • Cloud Technology MTTRs
    • Incident Detection Technology Features
    • Cloud Technology Resilience Resource Requirements
    • Cloud Technology Resilience Efficacies Comparison Matrix

    Cloud Innovations

    • Cloud Technology Innovation Metrics
    • Cloud Technology Evolution Over Time
    • Cloud Technology Dedicated R&D
    • Cloud Innovation for The Application Ecosystem
    • Corporate Gains per Cloud Innovation
    • Industry Gains per Cloud Innovation
    • Cloud Technology Innovation Efficacies Comparison Matrix

    Cloud Capacity

    • Cloud Technology Capacity Metrics
    • Cloud Technology Capacity Implementation Possibilities
    • Cloud Technology Capacity Scalability Features & Limitations
    • Cloud Technology Capacity Management
    • Cloud Technology Capacity On Demand
    • Cloud Technology Capacity Services
    • Cloud Technology Capacity Efficacies Comparison Matrix


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